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Coverage Counsel: A powerful resource for the solo practitioner’s arsenal

Starting your own firm? Or are you a seasoned solo? As you grow, you should have a coverage counsel resource as part of your arsenal for your practice. For a growing practice, coverage counsel can be a tool to keep your firm flexible and adaptable to your caseload. As you take on more clients and as your schedule fills up, you can turn to on-demand, flat fee coverage counsel to provide your firm additional bandwidth when and where you need it, without hiring an associate or waking up at 4:30 A.M. to drive to short matters three counties over. Keep your coverage counsel team in your back pocket for those moments when you need to be in two places at once. Coverage counsel services are a necessary part of managing your practice and having a safety net to ensure your clients' matters can be addressed in court.  A missed court [...]


Provide more options for clients on a budget by using coverage counsel services in your practice

Coverage counsel can help make representation affordable for your clients.  Depending upon the circumstances of each case, use of coverage counsel for routine motions and proceedings like status hearings or case management conferences can increase your ability to provide more affordable representation to a potential client and use your services for the substantive matters in their case.  Coverage counsel can also help move cases forward quickly by providing an on-demand resource to attend hearings, enabling the case to move forward instead of languishing in delay cause of unavailability or scheduling conflicts. Appearance Network and its attorneys serve at the direction of the counsel of record in the proceeding. You should make clear to your client that you will be using coverage counsel as a matter of transparency with your client and it ideally would be included in your retainer agreement. Footer: Stay up to date with “The Docket” by joining [...]


Does the appearance attorney file a notice of appearance?

The simple answer is: Yes, when instructed to do so.  A coverage attorney is a substitute attorney acting at your direction. In practice, Appearance Network attorneys routinely file Notices of Appearance only in the courts where the judge has a rule requiring a filing of a Notice of Appearance. It is common practice, however, for coverage attorneys not to file a notice of appearance because it serves no practical purpose, there is no change in representation and, in fact, such a filing can confuse pro se litigants and the clerk's office as to who is the counsel of record and should receive service. Appearance Network records show that in 2017, there were only 2 civil judges in the state of Florida that required counsel of record at all appearances, one of these judges was an elected circuit judge, the other was a senior judge. Two circuits have specific rules requiring [...]