Have a plan for the what if’s in your practice: A resource for small law firms and solos attorneys.

Prepare for the unexpected. Illness, scheduling conflicts, car trouble, vacation, family needs, CLE or bar service all interrupt our usual days of practicing law. Emergencies happen regardless of what cases you have in litigation.  Having a coverage counsel provider ready to step in on demand in any court in Florida is an invaluable tool that can spare you unnecessary stress.

Appearance Network recommends that you have an account set up and be familiar with our procedures as your local counsel provider before you run into an emergency issue where you are desperate for coverage. Having the ability to use an appearance attorney will help you to be flexible, no matter what comes up in your day.

Reduce the pressure.  Make a single request and get the help that you need to secure hearing coverage when the time is limited or when a crisis emerges. When your focus is needed elsewhere, rely on Appearance Network, a proven leader in on-demand coverage.  Let us handle the court appearances, while you focus on the priorities and emergencies in your life.

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